Diamond Diamond Rings With Perfect Diamond Shapes

Diamond Rings and Wedding Rings are available in several designs, gallstones, cuts and shapes. Amongst Scottsdale diamonds all the types of gallstones used in diamond rings, diamonds are the most precious and appropriate ones. But when it comes to the shape of a diamond, it’s really a matter of personal taste.

A diamonds shape can hide imperfections and bring out the best in quality and value if cut by an expert. There are 10 basic diamond shapes of Diamonds. Diamond Vault Scottsdale offers one of the widest ranges of diamond shapes you can purchase, from the classic round shape to the more peculiar and loved heart shape.

Round Brilliant: Round brilliant diamonds are the most versatile of all the diamond shapes since they can be used in a wide variety of types of jewelry and in many styles. The brilliance and sparkle of the round brilliant diamond produce exceptional beauty. It is also the most brilliant of all the cuts.

Oval: The oval molded diamond is an adaptation of the Round Brilliant and it is usually has a tendency to look larger than a round stone of the same carat weight. Another positive characteristic is that, oval molded outline will probably look more presentable over a circular one as a center stone for the three stone diamond rings.

Princess Cut: Princess Cut diamonds have aimed corners and are traditionally rectangular in shape. These diamonds are merely made from rough diamond crystals that are very high quality and well formed, that usually correlates with cleaner rough as well. There is superb collection of princess cut diamond rings at diamond vault.

Marquise: The marquise shape stone is an elongated shape with aimed ends. This shape looks spectacular on longer palms and shows “big” proportionate to its carat weight. If you want the design of a larger stone, then this is the shape for you!

Emerald Cut: Emerald cut diamonds protect the points of the stone by rounding them off. The Emerald is step-cut, so color and imperfections are better to detect than in a brilliant-cut diamond. Diamond rings with Emerald Cut diamond look great.

Pear Shape: The pear shape is a brilliant cut, which means it has exactly 58 features. The Pear Shape Diamond is an ideal choice of diamond shape for a drop pendant or charms.

Heart Molded: The heart molded Diamonds are the best for diamond rings because these diamonds are the symbol of love and romance. The grade of this shape depends to a great extent on the skill of the cutter machine. Diamond Vault Arizona has a unique variety of heart molded Diamond Rings.

Bright: The Bright shape diamond combines the elegance of the Emerald-cut with the brilliance of the Round Brilliant. The Bright cut can either be rectangular or square and includes 70 features maximizing the effect of its color refraction.

Asscher Cut: This design is actually a rectangular version of the Emerald cut. The Asscher cut includes a pavilion with square features in the same style as the emerald-cut. For those always prior to the latest fashion trend, the Asscher shape diamond may be the one for you.

Cushion Cut: Cushion cut diamonds are also sometimes referred to as “pillow Cut” diamonds. Modern cushion cuts are based on the antique style cuts, which are a combination of a round and rectangular outline with a softened rectangular or “pillow” shape. These diamonds have rounded corners and larger features to increase their brilliance.

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