Efficient Ways for User Testing During Web and Mobile Apps Programming

Many times user testing or user research becomes a costly affair if we do it according to standard statistical methods during our web and mobile apps programming project. Therefore, we should think about quick and economical ideas of IT outsource company user testing : and that is guerrilla testing.

Once you begin user testing during your guerrilla research at the initial stage of web and mobile apps programming you should start testing with user interview because at this stage you don’t have any product ready, nor its wire-frames or prototypes so interview is the most efficient method.

User Interviews:

Go in-depth by asking questions and pay attention to every tiny detail and if possible seek solutions from the users for their problems and then sketch their own ideas in their own words. Make these interviews as natural as possible and take a friendly approach to the test user by encouraging them to share everything with you. Listen to them carefully and get to the core of the problem so you can get real solutions for them. This interview will take time but you will find every minute valuable and will get good ideas if you play it right during your web and mobile apps programming.

Skype as a Guerrilla Research Tool:

We have discussed the non-public user interview if you target user is far off from you, doubtless offshore in the case of outsourcing techniques companies, then what how will you take their interviews? There is a handy tool to accomplish this : Skype. Yes, Skype lets you take mental, written or even face-to-face through video seminars. So you can get clues about their facial or other behaviour signals during the interview and user testing if you can afford and your sample user is ready with all facilities.

Skype the best option:

Yes, Skype is the best option for distance user testing. You can even use Skype for users located in your nearby town or city because people like to use Skype. Moreover, they don’t feel awkward since they are in the comfy environment of their homes or offices. If users don’t want to consult you for any reason they can postpone the Skype meeting or you can do it. In the same manner whenever something strikes your thoughts during your web and mobile apps programming you can get your user on Skype immediately and he/she even would willingly come with you.

In short, Skype is the best substitute for carry user testing frequently, at your time and from anywhere you wish. You have only positive response and lots of ideas about perfect UX designing during your web and mobile apps programming.

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